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Cathy Turner


1962 Born April 10 in Rochester, New York
1979 Becomes U.S. National Champion in short-track speedskating
1981 Leaves speedskating for lounge singing
1988 Returns to skating competitively
1992 Albertville Winter Olympics, wins the silver medal in the 3000 meter race and the gold in the 500 meter sprint
1992 Graduates from Northern Michigan University with honors, degree in computer systems
1993 Retires from speedskating and joins the Ice Capades.
1993 Fired from the Ice Capades and begins training for 1994 Olympics
1994 Lillehammer Winter Olympics, wins gold in 500 meter race and bronze in 3000 meter relay
1994 Retires to be with husband and open a fitness center in New York
1998 Comes out of retirement to defend her title in the Olympics but fails to get a medal in Nagano Olympics
1999 Begins to repair her image by promoting causes close to the heart, including young athletes, mental health charities and the American Heart Association

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