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Bill Bradley - Presidential Candidate

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Presidential Candidate

After initially denying his interest in running for president, Bradley became a candidate in 1999. He acknowledged that the timing of his decision had hinged on both political goals and personal circumstances. His wife, Ernestine Schlant, a professor of comparative literature at Montclair State College, had finished writing a book and their daughter Theresa Anne was graduating from college. He wanted to prove himself as the best candidate for president, in terms of both policy and ethics, and presented himself as a markedly different choice from Al Gore. In the words of a Newsweek writer, he was "a kind of Anti-Clinton: a legendary jock who doesn't crave approval, an intellectual who's not afraid to think big, a grown-up with nothing to hide." But Bradley had not won a primary when he withdrew from the presidential race in March 2000. He credited his loss in part to the interest voters showed in a Republican rival, John McCain.

The 2000 presidential campaign amplified an image that Bradley initially developed on the basketball court. In his dedication to his teams and his country, he is known as a diligent worker, a leader as well as a team player, and as someone who keeps his own counsel and lives by his own high standards. While Bradley does not often draw attention to his achievements on the court, his collegiate performance, including the standing record for most points in a Final Four game, still places him among the best in the sport. In a post-election interview, Sporting News writer Jeff D'Alessio asked Bradley to comment on changes in the sport of basketball. He suggested that college players be kept out of competition as freshmen and said that players no longer know how to shoot. The remarks reinforce the idea that while Bradley may have changed careers, his interests and values have stayed the same.

Awards and Accomplishments

1960-61 Named Scholastic All-American
1963 NCAA tournament record for best free throw percentage: 90.6
1964 Captain of gold medal-winning U.S. Olympic team in Tokyo
1964 Named NCAA Tournament Most Valuable Player
1964-65 Named to First Team All-America
1965 Named Player of the Year by the Associated Press United Press International
1965 Named to First Team All-Academic
1965 Sullivan Award for top amateur athlete
1965-67 Rhodes Scholar, Oxford University
1970, 1973 Member of NBA championship team
1978 Elected to first of three terms as U.S. Senator for New Jersey
1983 Elected to Basketball Hall of Fame
1996 Truman Award for public service

Career Statistics

Yr Team GP PTS FG% FT%
NYK: New York Knickerbockers.
1967-68 NYK 45 360 41.6 73.1
1968-69 NYK 82 1020 42.9 81.4
1969-70 NYK 67 971 46.0 82.4
1970-71 NYK 78 970 45.3 82.3
1971-72 NYK 78 1177 46.5 84.9
1972-73 NYK 82 1319 45.9 87.1
1973-74 NYK 82 1150 45.1 87.4
1974-75 NYK 79 1048 43.6 87.3
1975-76 NYK 82 914 43.3 87.8
1976-77 NYK 67 288 46.4 81.0
TOTAL 742 9217 44.8 84.0

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