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Terry Bradshaw Biography

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American football player

The Steel Curtain. Franco Harris. Lynn Swann. Mean Joe Greene. These names are all indelibly imprinted in the psyches of football fans who lived through the early 1980s, as well as struck a special fear into the Dallas Cowboy fans who lost not one, but two Super Bowls to the Pittsburgh Steelers. But there is one name who stands behind them all. A small-town boy with a cannon for an arm who overcame his inner demons and media discrimination, and who's religious conversion experience not only transformed himself, but a young struggling team into a football dynasty. That man was Terry Bradshaw.

Bradshaw's career statistics—two Super Bowl MVPs, 27,989 yards gained, 212 touchdowns passed, and thirty-two touchdowns rushed—place him near the top as one of the greatest quarterbacks in National Football league (NFL) history. But unlike most sports superstars, Bradshaw has drawn on other talents as well as his folksy, country-bred, down-home, All-American personality to extend his career into media stardom as a sports commentator, as well as the author of five books. Not bad for someone once branded as the Bayou Bumpkin.


Address: Terry Bradshaw, Circle 12 Ranch, 1905 Pearson Lane, Westlake, TX 76262. Fax: (817) 379-5140. Phone: (817) 379-5083.

Sketch by Gordon Churchwell

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