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American basketball player

Destined to become one of the first of basketball's most talented big men, as a young man George Mikan was discouraged from seriously pursuing basketball because of his ungainly height and his acute nearsightedness, conditions that most coaches during the early 1940s believed would leave Mikan hopelessly clumsy. At 6 foot, 10 inches, he towered over other players of his day when smaller, quicker players dominated the game. Mikan would change all that with his shot-blocking abilities and his deadly hook shot. After four successful years of basketball at DePaul University under Hall of Fame coach Ray Meyer, Mikan entered professional basketball in 1946 and quickly became a star. Playing all but his first year of pro ball with the Minneapolis Lakers (later to become the Los Angeles Lakers), he led his team to six championship titles in seven years. His nine-year presence on the court greatly influenced the development of the modern game of basketball.


Address: Scottsdale, Arizona.

Sketch by Kari Bethel

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