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Gordie Howe Biography

A Childhood On The Canadian Prairie, Chronology, Awards And Accomplishments, Signs With The Red Wings


Canadian hockey player

Often called "Mr. Hockey," Gordie Howe is acknowledged as one of the best-ever all-around players in the history of the sport. Fast and powerful on the ice, with the ability to shoot the puck left- or right-handed, Howe set records during his career with the National Hockey League's (NHL) Detroit Red Wings that included most goals scored during the regular season, most winning goals scored, most seasons played, and most regular-season games played. The right-wing offenseman also scored the most career points (goals plus assists) for any player in his position. Howe burnished his own legend by coming out of retirement to play in the World Hockey Association (WHA) in 1973 alongside his sons, Marty and Mark. During his six seasons in the WHA with the Houston Aeros and New England Whalers, Howe helped to popularize hockey in the growing sports markets of the

Gordie Howe

American Sunbelt. He returned for one last season in the NHL when the Whalers became the Hartford Whalers, and retired as a professional athlete in 1980. In the decades since then, he has continued to promote an array of philanthropic efforts and manage his own business interests with his wife, Colleen. In 2002 Howe cut back on his public appearances to care for his wife, who had been diagnosed with Pick's Disease, a form of dementia that causes memory loss and behavioral changes.

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