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Ed Belfour Biography - Little Eddie, American Dreams, Still Hot Off The Ice, Chronology, Awards And Accomplishments

temper goalie


Canadian hockey player

Ed Belfour has earned a reputation throughout his career for his hot temper. His ability to be rattled at the drop of a hat was common knowledge and was used against him by opposing teams. Although he has recently subdued his temperament, many people still believe he has many demons to overcome. He is not just a goalie with a temper though. There is much more to the man behind the mask. He is "Technically strong. Extremely quick.… Aggressive and very acrobatic," and "has an undeniable belief in himself," according to D. T. Norris writing on his goalie homepage. What is often over-looked is his compassionate side, having worked with organizations benefiting children.

Sketch by Barbra J Smerz

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